Price: $24     Time: 10am    Date: January 20, 2018

Dear Pastors and Youth Pastors,

The Youth Spectacular is only a little over a month away and we would like to invite you and your youth group to this annual event. It will be held on January 20, 2018 beginning at 10 am. We will have a good Biblical message, pizza for lunch, followed by our activities of paintballing or snow tubing.

As the paintballing and snow tubing run simultaneously, teenagers must pick which event they would like to attend. Paintball guns are provided at the paintball arena. Please do not bring your own guns as it takes too much time for the paintball staff to set up everyone's guns. The option to purchase additional paintballs is available at the arena, so teenagers may wish to bring additional money. There will be time to change clothes before we head out to the activities. Please have the teenagers bring clothes that are appropriate for the activity they are participating in.

If you could please give us an estimate of the number attending, including the split between paintball and snow tubing by January 7th, it would greatly facilitate our planning process.

If you need any more information, please let me know at darrylandbeth(at)

Please be in prayer that the Lord will use this event to touch the hearts and lives of our young people.

Thank You,

Darryl Kalbfleisch

Youth Director,
Kitchener Baptist Church