It was when Pastor Burns was ten years old that he trusted the Lord Jesus as His Saviour. He was baptized a short time after his salvation. He surrendered to preach at the age of nineteen, and headed off to Bible College in 2001. In 2005, Pastor Burns graduated with a Bachelor of Theology degree from FaithWay Baptist College of Canada.

It was during Bible college that Pastor Burns met his wife April,  and they were married on June 5, 2004.  After Bible College, Jerry and April came to Kitchener Baptist Church.

As the assistant to Dr. Philip Clayton, Jerry Burns had various roles and responsibilities. He ministered as the Bus Director, Youth Pastor and media director for 5 years.  He was involved in soul-winning, visitation, and counseling on a regular basis at Kitchener Baptist Church.

In 2011, Pastor Burns became the senior Pastor of Kitchener Baptist Church.  Pastor Burns is a dynamic Bible preacher with a passion to win souls to Christ, and establish Christians in the Word of God.  You will be encouraged by his Bible preaching each week!

Under Pastor Burns’ leadership, the church weekly engages in strategic and systematic ministry to the Waterloo Region – including age-specific Bible classes, student ministries and children’s ministries, a city-wide bus ministry, and a weekly radio ministry.

Pastor Burns is married to April Burns (formerly Kember) of Barrie, Ontario, and they have two sons and one daughter.